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Supreme Cooling Pet Pad - Portable and Washable Summer Mat for Dogs and Cats in Blue and Pink

Supreme Cooling Pet Pad - Portable and Washable Summer Mat for Dogs and Cats in Blue and Pink

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Beat the Heat: Pet Comfort Redefined!

The Supreme Cooling Pet Pad solves the problem of pets overheating in summer. It offers a safe, portable, and washable solution for pet owners, ensuring their pets stay cool and comfortable wherever they are


Keep your beloved pets cool, comfortable, and contented!

Designed specifically for those long, hot summer days, this high-tech cooling mat ensures your pet's ultimate comfort and better relaxation.


Lasting Coolness: Durable Summer Relief for Pets!

The Supreme Cooling Pet Pad provides a durable solution to summer heat for pets. It's a washable, portable mat that stands up to frequent use, ensuring your pet remains cool and comfortable all season long.


Detailed description:

The Supreme Cooling Pet Pad is crafted from a state-of-the-art cooling cloth that optimizes your pet's summer experience by providing a cooler and more soothing effect. Available in three sizes, our cooling pad suits all breeds and sizes, from your tiny kittens and puppies to your full-grown dogs and cats.

Portable, versatile, and easy to fold, this cooling pet pad can be used anywhere, be it sleeping beds, kennel mats, car seats, lawns, beaches, indoors, or outdoors. It's your pet's new favorite chill spot that goes where they go!

Our product is not only convenient but also promotes a healthier lifestyle for your pet. It uses no electricity and contains no toxic gels, making it safe and environmentally friendly. The cooling mat wicks heat from your pet and releases it into the air, creating a refreshing environment for your pet to sleep deeply and relax.

Further, the Supreme Cooling Pet Pad is machine-washable, quick to dry, and lightweight, ensuring consistent freshness for your furry friend.

Specifications: Material: High-quality Cooling Cloth Color: Available in Soothing Blue and Charming Pink Size:

  • Small: Approx. 45x35cm/17.72x13.78in
  • Medium: Approx. 55x45cm/21.65x17.72in
  • Large: Approx. 76x58cm/29.92x22.83in Weight:
  • Small: Approx. 280g
  • Medium: Approx. 400g
  • Large: Approx. 650g

Package Includes: 1 x Supreme Cooling Pet Pad

Note: Due to differences in monitor displays, the actual color may vary. Please allow a 0-1cm error due to manual measurement.

Indulge your pet with the ultimate summer comfort they deserve. Order the PawsPurrFurredPetShop's Supreme Cooling Pet Pad today!


Warning: Pet relaxation and deep sleep guaranteed!



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